What are the sustainable development goals?

In July 2016, the My Perfect Country Team recorded a panel discussion at the United Nations about My Perfect Country and the Sustainable Development Goals. The episode can be listened to here.

The Sustainable Development Goals followed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs were a set of eight goals which aimed to do a range of things, from halving the number of people in poverty and hunger to improving maternal health. They were conceived in a technocratic environment, and only targeted "undeveloped" countries.

With the announcement of the Sustainable Development Goals, all countries - and not only countries in the Global South - became the focus of sustainable development. The implications of this are clear. Faced with global warming, it is every country's responsibility to start thinking about development and success differently. Can we really call a country successful or 'perfect' if their economic position relies on exploiting the planet's finite resources? 

It is a massive challenge to every country to find ways of delivering fulfilling lifestyles with all the advantages of the modern age, which are not detrimental to the environment. 

Professor Henrietta Moore wrote an article in The Guardian on this topic - The sustainable development goals: we’re all developing countries now
A picture from the day the My Perfect Country team visited the UN

A picture from the day the My Perfect Country team visited the UN