Below are all the policies the My Perfect Country team have explored so far, starting with our very first episode in Estonia. Scroll down to explore the policies further, with extra audio and expert opinion on the issues raised in the episodes.

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Estonia - Digital Society

The first episode of My Perfect Country explored Estonia's Digital Society policies.  they were the first country ever to facilitate online voting in a general election.


Costa Rica - Green Energy

In 2007 the government announced Costa Rica would be the first carbon-neutral country by 2021.


Portugal - Drug Decriminalisation

In 2001, Portugal started to treat drug use as a health problem, rather than a criminal problem. 


Michigan, USA - Preventing Suicide

Michigan's suicide rate amongst mental health patients dropped from 89 to 16 per 100,000, making this policy a contender for My Perfect Country.


India - Sanitation for Women

Access to sanitation has massive implications for the health and wellbeing of societies.  


Uganda - Legal Advice 

A group of lawyers in Uganda started providing legal advice through social media to anyone who requests it, forming an organisation called Barefoot Lawyers

Bermuda - Solving Water Scarcity?

Bermuda has no natural water sources. As a result, every rooftop in Bermuda has been converted to a water storage system, catching, purifying, and storing rain. 


Peru - Cutting Poverty

Peru halved poverty rates in ten years by offering cash transfers to mothers on the condition that children would regularly attend school and health check ups.


Japan - Gun Control

Japan has the lowest deaths per 100,000 people of any country in the world. The My Perfect Country team found out if this is policy makes it in the Perfect Country


Tunisia - State Feminism

Tunisia’s new constitution, passed on 26 January 2014, built on the country’s already progressive women’s rights legislation.


Shanghai - A Model for Teaching Maths

Shanghai's students are the best at maths in the world, thanks to their "mastery" approach. 


Australia - Curbing Smoking

Australia have some of the toughest anti-smoking laws in the world, and they work.