My Perfect Country is a BBC World Service Radio programme presented by Fi GloverMartha Lane Fox and Henrietta Moore.

It is an idea conceived by Fi Glover and developed by Whistledown Studios Productions. The Institute for Global Prosperity collaborate with Whistledown to provide research and analysis of global problems and global solutions.

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The presenters

Fi Glover 

Fi Glover is an award-winning British broadcaster, journalist and writer – seen as having one of the best known voices on radio. She is currently presenting BBC Radio 4’s oral history project, “The Listening Project”, which aims to “capture the nation’s conversation” and change the way audiences listen to the radio

Her career began with the BBC’s Trainee Reporter scheme where she worked across the country with various local radio stations. From there, Fi joined domestic station BBC Radio 5Live as a key broadcaster in news and political coverage. Other notable broadcasting roles include being the host of BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live – a show that finds extraordinary stories from remarkable people – and was named the Best UK Speech programme in 2008. Fi Glover has also won awards for her work on the Radio 4 series Broadcasting House and the GLR Breakfast Show.

Martha Lane Fox

Martha Lane Fox is a British entrepreneur, philanthropist and Chancellor of the Open University. Her business successes include co-founding Europe’s largest travel and leisure website as well as a string of private Karaoke bars that revolutionised the industry. 

With a prominent passion for technology, Martha was appointed the UK Government’s Digital Inclusion Champion where she worked to help make Britain a more computer literate country. She was then asked by the UK government to advise on how online services could provide more efficiency within the country. In 2012, Martha launched the charity Go On UK to help with this mission and enable Britain’s business sector benefit from new digital services.

Martha is also an advocate of human rights, women’s rights and social justice which led her to create the trust Antigone to help financially support other UK charities. She is also a patron of Camfed which is dedicated to fighting poverty, HIV and AIDS in rural Africa by educating young women. She has also previously been listed as one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK.

Henrietta Moore

Henrietta Louise Moore is the Director of the Institute for Global Prosperity at University College London in the UK. The vision laid out by the IGP is for a prosperous global future which they aim to bring about by transforming the way decisions are made across the world.

Henrietta’s recent work on global sustainable futures focuses on challenging current economic models and identifying social and political dynamics which are overlooked. She is also committed to work with grassroots communities which is exemplified in her long-term research project with Africa. As an academic she has worked across the fields of social theory, feminist theory, globalisation, development and social enterprise.

Prior to her position with the IGP, Henrietta was the William Wyse Chair of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge as well as the Deputy Director for research and external relations at the London School of Economics. In 2009, she was appointed to the Scientific Council of the European Research Council – a body which supports scientists to take risks in their research and challenge the frontiers of established knowledge. She is also a current fellow of the British Academy, the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Antropological Institute. In the 2016 New Year Honours, Henrietta was appointed Dame for services to the social sciences.

Her previous appearances on the World Service include Business Daily and The Why Factor.